8 Weebly Social Media Apps That Will Boost Your Online Presence

Social media is not optional; it’s a must have for your small business growth. Currently, there are over 3 billion internet users, of which 2 billion have social media accounts. Social media is a cost-effective marketing medium to not only reach these people but also to:

  1. Gather deep insights about their purchasing behavior,
  2. Improve brand awareness and loyalty,
  3. Build relationships,
  4. Drive traffic to your site
  5. Reach new customers
  6. Boost your conversion rates.
  7. etc. etc. etc.

While there are plenty of benefits, it can be hard – especially as a small business owner – to stay on top of your social media and realize these benefits. Because let’s face it you have limited time in which to complete unlimited tasks.  Here are 8 Weebly social media apps to help you boost your online presence.

#1 Social Sharing


The social sharing tool is jam packed with features to engage your visitors, promote interaction, collect sign-ups and grow your social media following. There are many features available on both a free and a premium plan.

Free forever plan includes:

  1. Multiple social media networks – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.
  2. A contact form
  3. Facebook Live chat
  4. Promotion bar
  5. Mobile messaging

The premium plan at $8.99/month gives you access to 8 premium tools, including:

  1. A social coupon
  2. An Email capture pop-ups
  3. A Social coupon bar
  4. Testimonials

And while many social media sharing tools cause website bloat, the Weebly Social Sharing App won’t slow your website down. It’s mobile responsive, fully customizable, and requires zero coding!

#2 eClincher


With eClincher you’re able to manage, organize, and analyze your entire social media network. Create a content schedule and schedule content hours, days, or even weeks in advance. Have peace of mind knowing that content is reaching your audience, even while you’re not working and/or while you working on other business activities.

Features of the eClincher social media app include:

  1. Ability to schedule and publish to multiple social media accounts.
  2. Automatic posting from queues.
  3. Monitoring live social media feeds and engaging with these feeds.
  4. One social media inbox for all your notifications and messages.
  5. Dashboard with analytics to monitor performance.
  6. And much, much, more.

A free 14-day trial is on offer, thereafter plans start at $15/month for one person.

#3 Dockvine


Wouldn’t it be cool if visitors were not re-directed once they click on your social media icons on your website? Dockvine is a social media app that solves this problem by displaying your social pages directly on your website. Visitors simply click on a Dockvine social media icon and the app displays those pages on your website, all without taking visitors to a new tab.

This is powerful because it keeps visitors on your site, increasing engagement, and driving conversions. Two social pages are on offer in the free plan. For unlimited options upgrade to a pro plan for $4/month.

#4 Social Media Stream


This is one of the top apps in the Weebly App Center. As the name suggests, this Weebly social media app, allows your visitors to view all you real-time updates from social media directly in a stream on your website. This app integrates with all major social media networks and users have access to it even on mobile. Try it for free or pay $9.95/month for more premium features.

#5 Social Feed


If you’re looking for an alternative to the above, why not try the Social Feed app. It also allows visitors to view real-time updates across all major social networks, create multiple feeds, and set the priority of different feeds for balanced content. Try it for free, thereafter its $4.99/month.

#6 Comments Plus +


Drive engagement with Comments Plus. This Weebly app is the perfect way to interact with your readers. By installing the app and adding it to your website, users can ask questions, respond to comments, provide feedback, and chat about several topics on your website. You, in turn, can engage in the conversation.

And because it’s fully customizable you can tweak the layouts, design, and colors to ensure it fits in with your look and feel. The power of this app lies in its ability to:

  1. Build an engaging community.
  2. Build trust and credibility.
  3. Gather testimonials and ratings from visitors.
  4. Integrate with social channels so users can use their accounts to comment.
  5. Provide SEO support.

#7 Testimonials


Personal face-to-face communication is not available online like in the traditional bricks and mortar environment. Building trust then, is essential, especially as visitors cannot touch or feel the product before buying it. By doing this you establish a relationship and drive sales for your business.

Testimonials and reviews are often used to build trust and credibility. They alleviate purchase anxiety as it makes consumers think, ” If it’s worked for her, then perhaps it can work for me”.

The Testimonials app lets you create 7 fully customizable responsive layouts and is available from the Weebly App Centre for a meager price of $3/month.

#8 Better Coupon Box


Driving traffic to your site is half the battle won. However, once visitors arrive on your site you need to encourage them to take action.  Enter Better Coupon Box, a free pop-up builder for both Websites and e-commerce sites. With this app you’re able to:

  1. Boost your social media following and grow your e-mail list with customizable pop-ups.
    • For online stores, encourage sign-ups and social media follows by offering redeemable pop-up coupons.
    • For websites, encourage visitors to sign up to your mailing list with promotions and industry news.
  2. Create targeted pop-ups for certain pages and certain visitors. For example, have different pop-ups for new vs returning customers.
  3. Customize your pop-ups to tie in with the look and feel of your site.
  4. Create exit intent pop-ups. These enter as soon as the customer shows a sign of leaving the site.
  5. Integrate with social media channels and email marketing providers.

This Weebly app is free, with options to upgrade to more premium features.

Are you using any of the above Weebly social media apps? If you aren’t perhaps it’s time you gave some of them a shot. With so many internet users and social media accounts worldwide, there are thousands of people wanting your products and services. Use these 8 Weebly social media apps to find them and boost your online presence.

5 of The Best Shopify Sales Apps

You need to do more than just drive traffic to your site and engage visitors. You need to convert them. And this can, at times, prove difficult. With many Shopify Apps available it can be hard to decide which ones to use to increase your conversions. Luckily for you, we’ve curated a list of 5 of the best Shopify Sales Apps to skyrocket those sales for you.

#1 Fomo: Play on the “Fear of Missing Out”

Best Shopify Sales App

Fomo (formely Notify) is short for “Fear of Missing Out”. I’m sure many of you have experienced this in your lives. You attend a party because everyone is going. You buy a certain product because everyone is buying it. The Fomo Shopify App bases itself on this principle.

While shoppers are shopping a small little pop-up enters the screen to notify the shopper that someone else has purchased this product. It creates the perception of a busier storefront. This sells.

Imagine you in a new town and you’re deciding on where to eat. Would you rather eat at a busy restaurant or one where there are no customers? Probably the former because in your head you’re thinking, “Why are there no customers at that one restaurant? Is there something wrong with this place”. Such doubt is a shopping deterrent.

To illustrate the value this Shopify Sales App provides, here’s an example cited on the  Shopify website:


Price: $14.99/month

** Free trial: Yes, 7 days.

#2 Product Discount: No More Coupons!


Product Discount is the number one Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopify Sales App. As the name suggests, Product discount works on the principle of offering your customers price reductions.

With this Shopify Sales App you’re able to:

  1. Create specific sales for certain products, store segments or the entire store.
  2. Schedule future sales for the weekend or holidays. Do it once and forget about it.
  3. Create a live sales countdown clock  and drives sales by virtue that they run for a limited period.
  4. Create storewide sales without coupons.

With many sales apps working on the principle of coupons, you may be thinking how this app actually works, and what’s the benefit? Let me explain.

When you run a sale, the Product Discount app automatically adjusts the price for every sale item. It then includes the old price for comparison to the new sales price in the “compare at” field.

When a potential customer now visits your store, they instantly know the sale is on. You, in turn, do not run the risk of the potential customer leaving because they weren’t aware of the sale.  And of course, you have higher conversion rates.

Price: $99.99, once off

**Free trial: not clear, but a demo website is available.

#3 Beautiful Abandon Cart Emails: Recover Abandoned Carts


Cart abandonment is common. Very, very common! In fact, statistics show that  67.45% of online shoppers abandon their carts before they buy. A staggering figure indeed.

Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails is a Shopify Sales App that lets you recover these potentially lost sales through automated emails. Here are a few features of this gem of an app:

  1. Email automation. Simply choose when to send emails and watch the orders roll in.
  2. Product images of the abandoned product are automatically pulled into the email
  3. Ability to include a second follow up mail.  Sometimes customers need an extra push. Sometimes emails get lost  in littered email boxes, where they’re forgotten forever. Not anymore!
  4. You’re able to track everything.
  5. Each email is customizable, whether it be text, the logo, or even the subject line.
  6. Coupon functionality. Include a discount code to encourage them to recover the order.

Price: $9/month

**Free trial: yes, 14 days.

#4 Referral Candy: Tap Into Influential Personal Networks


Referrals are highly influential. How often do you do something based on a recommendation from a friend or a family member? I’d say fairly often because you value their input. You trust that information because it came from a credible source; someone close to you.

Now imagine being able to tap into the personal networks of your customers. It may seem a bit more difficult to do this online, but with Referal Candy it’s possible

By offering discount codes to customers who successfully refer you, you access these networks and drive new customers to your store. Referral based discounts work because they give your customers an incentive. And people are naturally more inclined to do something when there’s something in it for them. The app’s easy to install, setup, and manage referral programs.

Price: $25/month

**Free Trial: Yes, 30 days.

#5 Bablic: Tap Into New Markets


The Bablic Shopify Sales App is a professional website translation tool. You’re able to make your website accessible in multiple languages. And creating a multilingual website is more important for your conversions than you think. Research shows:

  1. 73% of internet browsers aren’t English.
  2. 72.1% of users browse in their own language.
  3. 56.2% say browsing in their language is more important than price.
  4. 46% say they don’t buy products or services in foreign languages.

The above stats should tell you one thing: you’re losing potential customers if your site is not multilingual. Having a multilingual site means:

  1. You’re tapping into new markets.
  2. You’re ranking for keywords that your competition isn’t ranking for.
  3. You’re improving your search engine visibility.
  4. You’re driving traffic.
  5. And foreign customers who arrive at your site who can’t speak English feel comfortable. They’re now able to shop in their own language.
  6. You’re ultimately converting more customers.

Bablic offers professional and manual translations. You don’t have to be a tech geek to install and master it. All you do is paste a line of code into the header of your site. That’s it.

Price: $24/month

Free Trial: yes, 14 days.

What Shopify Sales Apps do you use?

Bablic is Hiring – VP Customer Acquisition

The Job

We are looking for a Customer Acquisition expert that will join us and help us bring our product to the world. You will lead all our online acquisition efforts; manage SEM, display, referral marketing and direct marketing campaigns.

You will report directly to the CEO and will be responsible for reporting the bottom line (P&L) for paid advertising initiatives

We are looking for someone who has done this before – and has done it well; someone with a proven track record of fast-growth customer acquisition, regardless of the organization. Someone who is passionate about doing something innovative and seeing it grow very fast. A true marketing leader.

For sure you…

  • Have experience in data-driven customer origination marketing
  • Have a proven track record of success running origination marketing campaigns
  • Are an expert with frameworks for managing A/B testing and landing page optimization campaigns
  • Can develop and implement a multi-faceted online acquisition strategy that explores opportunities in segmentation and cohort analysis
  • Can define and own key metrics around acquisition and lifetime value of consumers
  • Will drive conversions through the product funnel and will routinely ask yourself: “how can we make this better?”
  • Are a team player. If there are problems, inconsistencies or underperformance you will report and discuss this promptly and openly. We like challenges and opportunities to learn from mistakes.
  • Can interact with the rest of the team to develop product and features, and to help us meet customer acquisition goals.

You probably…

  • Have exceptional analytical and quantitative skills
  • Are well organized and able to set and follow a precise methodology
  • Are ambitious. You like challenges and enjoy overcoming obstacles, and you are not afraid of failing a few times.
  • Like to work in an informal setting, where you are given a lot of freedom to be creative and think outside the box,
  • Think that creativity is important but at the end of the day the goals should be clear and numbers and results speak the loudest.

Who we are:

Bablic is a SaaS solution for SMBs and SMEs that completely automates the website localization process. We are able to turn mono-lingual websites into multi-lingual (using professional human translation) by simply pasting a code snippet in the site. This significantly reduces execution times and costs for businesses. Bablic works with any website and requires no programming, no project management and no alteration to the website’s existing CMS system.

We are located in Tel Aviv and our users LOVE our product. Contact us for more information or send us your CV at [email protected]. Please include “VPCA001” in the subject.

10 Reasons You Need a Multilingual Website

The emergence of the internet has contributed toward a global village. Many businesses are reaping the benefits of marketing and selling their products to these new markets.

Within these global markets, there are many languages spoken aside from English. Sure English is often the Lingua Franca, but as a language, at 335 million, it’s only the third most spoken language after Chinese (1.2 Billion) and Spanish (414 million). Then you have Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, and Javanese respectively. That’s your top 10. And that’s not mentioning the many others.

Building a multilingual website allows you to more effectively tap into this global market. “But my business is doing just fine,” you may be thinking. And besides creating a multilingual website is a huge investment. Firstly, let me address point one.

Sure your business may be doing just fine. But what if I told you your business could be fairing much better? Consider these statistics:

  1. 73% of internet browsers are not English.
  2. 72.1% of users browse in their own language.
  3. 56.2% say browsing in their language is more important than price.
  4. 46% say they don’t purchase products in foreign languages.

Secondly, whilst creating a multilingual website may have been an expensive investment in the past, this is no longer the case. There are plenty of cost-effective tools out there, such as Bablic, making website translation available to the masses including startups and small businesses. Thousands of businesses use Bablic as tool to easily turn their website into a multilingual one, no matter the platform it’s using, no programming required! As a small business owner, you simply paste a code in the header of your website and voila!

If you’re still not convinced about the need for website localization, let’s delve into it a little more. Here are 10 further reasons why making your website multilingual is a good idea for your business.

#1 Enter Emerging Markets

Aside from tapping into a larger part of the global market, a multilingual website allows you to target one of the fastest growing, and most lucrative markets: the emerging market. Your established markets like the United Kingdom and the US are saturated, and in many cases – highly competitive. In contrast, many consumers in emerging markets are only now really engaging in online shopping. But the growth potential is there.

recent report by Research and Markets – The Worlds Largest Market Research Store – forecasts that emerging markets will lead global online retail sales growth from the period 2016-2109. So jump in early, ride the wave, and experience the benefits.

#2 Lower Advertising Costs

The increased competition in established markets means that your advertising and marketing costs will be a lot higher. Why? To compete you’ll simply need to out advertise and out-market. Target emerging markets for lower advertising costs.

#3 Diversify Your Market

Multilingual Website

Targeting an international base also leads to business diversification. A multilingual website then reduces your exposure to risk. If you’re only targeting one market i.e. your home market, and the local economy is struggling, your business is jeopardized. By generating revenue from another market,  you improve the chances of business growth – even during tough times.

#4 Improved SEO and More Organic Traffic

Including multiple languages on your site will also lead to a boost in search engine visibility. Why? You’ll be ranking for keywords that your competition isn’t ranking for and this will contribute to increased organic traffic to your website. And once on your site, they’re now in the market for your products.

#5 Builds Trust

By catering to a customer in their own native language you also make them feel more at home; more comfortable. This builds an added layer of trust. Trust is something that’s crucial online, where customers aren’t interacting with a person, but rather a computer screen. And that trust then is an essential ingredient in converting that customer into a sale.

#6 Increased Conversions

Both point three and point four contribute to increased conversions. More organic traffic + trust = vastly improved odds of making a sale. And that’s just the initial conversion; multilingual websites show you care and serve as a building block toward creating repeat and loyal customers.

#7 A Sign You’re Customer Orientated

What says that you care more than tailoring your website according to the unique language preferences of a customer? This establishes you as a customer orientated business and not just a profit monger. You’re then well on your way to increasing your repeat customers.

#8 Increases Repeat Customers


Repeat customers ensure that you can rely on a more steady stream of income. Imagine you only had one-off customers? You would have to continually invest time and effort in acquiring new ones. This is not sustainable, for any business, yet alone yours.

#9 Establish a Competitive Advantage

With many businesses not yet fully embracing website localization, you have the perfect opportunity to set yourself apart. Building a multilingual website will give you a distinctive competitive edge. And as a business who doesn’t want to beat their competition?

#10 Sign of a Forward Thinking Company

You’re not only establishing a competitive advantage, you’re positioning yourself as a company that’s forward thinking. A company that’s innovative, always thinking ahead and always one step ahead of the competition. After all, people love companies that do things differently. Just think Apple.

Building a multilingual website is not as costly as it once used to be. And with the many  statistics pointing in favor of doing so, and the benefits, perhaps it’s time you built your multilingual site?

10 of the Best Online Tools For Your Small Business

Being a small business owner means that at any given time you’re working on marketing, accounting, taxes, sales, development, customer support and a host of other activities. We understand it can be difficult trying to juggle all of this. This is where online tools can help you! Understanding though that there are many to choose from, most of which are simply confusing, we curated a list of 10 of the best online tools for your small business. This list is divided in four categories:

  1. Note-taking and Brainstorming
  2. Finance
  3. Project Management
  4. Marketing

Here are 10 of the best online tools for your small business.

Note-Taking and Brainstorming

#1 Evernote


With Evernote, you can make a note of almost anything. And the beauty of it? You’re able to access in the cloud, with any device. With this cloud-based software you can:

  1. Create a project to-do list.
  2. Take a picture of a sketch.
  3. Jot down a reminder.
  4. Save interesting articles and organize your reading list.
  5. Organize all your thoughts and ideas so you can access it in one place.

If you’re looking for something more visual, consider using Mindly in conjunction with Evernote.

#2 Mindly


Mindly harnesses the power of associations, allowing you to create Mindmaps on your mobile device (or any device for that matter). Clear the clutter and showcase your thoughts in the form of mindmaps

With Mindly you can:

  1. Capture ideas
  2. Write a quick summary
  3. Plan presentations
  4. Create visual associations

Aside from note taking and brainstorming, there are some seriously powerful online tools for finance.


#3 Freshbooks



PayPal and the majority of payment processing platforms charge you 3% to make or receive payments. With Freshbooks, there is a flat fee of $0.50, regardless as to the size of the transaction. Consider the cost saving on this, particularly as your business grows, and your international client base grows.

PayPal is one of the largest online payment processing platforms. So if you’re currently using them and concerned about how to switch, you’re in luck, as PayPal and Freshbooks have an agreement. It’s possible to send PayPal invoices using Freshbooks and pay a flat fee of $0.50! Freshbooks offer a free 30-day trial.

#4 Mint


Mint allows you to effortlessly create budgets and stay up to date on how you’re spending your money. Through their phone and tablet apps, it’s also possible to manage your finances on the go and receive money saving tips.

Mint is totally automated. Through giving the platform permission to view your finances, it will begin to track, categorize – in the form of graphs and analytics – , and manage your spending. Setting up an account is free!

Project Management

#5 Trello


Trello is the perfect collaboration app, particularly for geographically dispersed teams. Trello allows you to create, boards, lists, and cards which help you stay organized. Each individual card has the option of leaving comments and attaching a file.

Download for IOS, Android or desktop. There is a free plan with the option to upgrade. For maximum productivity consider using it in conjunction with Slack, another online business tool for your small business.

#6 Slack


Available for IOS and Android, Slack is the perfect instant messaging tool. Create different channels for open communication, direct communication for specific teams, or private one-on-one communication.

Through integration with other apps, like Dropbox, all your files are available on the cloud. Available on IOS and Android, there’s a free plan, a standard plan ($6.67), and a Plus Plan ($12.50/month).


#7 Bablic


Business is not what it used to be. Having a website means you open yourself up to a global marketplace. The implications of this are:

  1. People from countries all over the world will visit your site.
  2. These people will speak different languages.

It then becomes imperative to tailor your website to their language preferences. Enter Bablic. Bablic is a cost-effective human translation tool tailored toward small business.

It will reduce bounce rates, improve engagement and drive sales, as 46% of people say they won’t buy products if a website is not in their own language. Getting started is as simple as pasting a line of code in your website header.

#8 SumoMe


SumoMe is arguably one of the best online tools to grow your e-mail list. Building an e-mail list is essential if you want to grow your business and make money online. Through capturing e-mails you capture leads allowing you to engage in e-mail marketing.

SumoMe has a large suite of tools that allow you to create popups, improve mobile sharing, create sign-up forms, scroll bars, and monitor how visitors engage with your website through Heat Maps. Whilst the free version has more than enough to start, by upgrading to a premium version you’re able to engage in A/B testing and much more.

Seamless integration is available with all popular e-mail marketing service providers like Mail Chimp and Aweber. Also, link directly with your Google Analytics account to track analytics.

#9 Canva


Hiring an agency or a graphic designer to create presentations, designs, eBooks, Facebook headers, and more can be expensive. It needn’t be this way. Canva has positioned itself as the design tool that anyone can use to create stunning presentations. With Canva you’re able to:

  1. Choose from a vast gallery of images and presentation designs.
  2. Edit images by adding text, cropping, filtering, blurring.
  3. Choose from pre-made designs and templates.
  4. Select icons from a vast gallery.
  5. Select social media layouts for Facebook, Twitter headers and much more.
  6. Upload your own photos and incorporate them into the design.

The above features touch but the iceberg. Sign-up for a free account. Though the features are limited with the free version, it’s a perfect start for the small business. In-app purchases are available for certain images and designs, although the bank of free options is more than adequate.

#10 Buffer


The final online tool for your small business is Buffer. This social media sharing tool allows you to plan your content calendar, and schedule content weeks in advance. Save time, and have piece-of-mind knowing your content is being published across social media channels, even when you’re out of the office. For $10 a month it’s an absolute bargain – I mean that’s one beer or a meal in some countries.

What online tools do you use for your business?

11 Killer Shopify Apps That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Shopify currently has over 1200 Shopify Apps available for download in their App Store. With such a vast choice, it can be difficult to decide which Shopify Apps are useful or not. We’re here to help. We’ve curated a list of 11 killer Shopify Apps that will help you grow your business.

The Shopify Apps listed are either completely free, free for a trial period, free with the option to upgrade or free with in-app purchases. The apps covered relate to four business growth categories:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Social Media
  4. Customer service


#1 MailChimp – E-mail Marketing

If you think e-mail marketing is dead, think again. Google this topic to see the many articles highlighting it’s power. It’s still a highly effective marketing tool. According to the Direct Marketing Association, it offers a 4.300 percent ROI. An E-mail Marketing tool then, is a must have. It’s essential for customer communication and business growth.

Consider The MailChimp Shopify App.  All customers and sales data is automatically added to Mailchimp. You’re able to automate workflows, up-sell, and create targeted campaigns based on unique shopping behavior. For example, you can send a follow-up e-mail after a customer purchase where you recommend similar products. All in all, the MailChimp Shopify App is a powerful tool and more so when used with your Shopify Store.

#2 Sweet Tooth – Loyalty Programs


Creating loyalty programs drive sales long after the initial purchases. The 10 000 +merchants that use this App realize a 15% year-on-year increase in revenue and a 20% increase in repeat purchases.

Sweet Tooth allows you to setup and manages your own reward program. It rewards for referrals, purchases, social follows and more! Such is the confidence in the app, that the makers base the pricing model on actual growth in the loyalty program.

#3 Plug in SEO – Optimize Your Site So People Can Find You


SEO is vitally important. If you’re not showing up in search engines or ranking, how do you expect consumers to find you? There are currently over 86 000 store owners that use Plug in SEO. The free version provides instructions, code, and e-mail alerts about what needs fixing.

This app checks all the essentials i.e. meta descriptions, titles, speed, blog post structure and more. For more extensive features we recommend upgrading to a Plus Plan for $20 per month. But the free plan is perfect for small businesses and the one man show:



#4 Facebook Store – Create an Extra Sales Channel


Add an additional sales channel with the Facebook Store App. This creates the opportunity to sell from within Facebook and you’re also able to add a Shopify Tab in your Facebook store.

This presents more opportunities to increase traffic to your Shopify store and improve sales. Aside from an added sales channel, social sharing is easier. Products sync automatically between the two channels.

#5 Better Coupon Box – Increase Social Media Followers Through Coupons


People enjoy nothing more than a sweet deal. Better Coupon Box allows you to to create customizable coupon pop-ups for increased conversion and sales.

Offer discounts in exchange for social media followers and customize the forms according to your unique requirements. Integrations with e-mail marketing services – e.g. Mailchimp – are seamless.

#6 In Cart Upsell – Increase Basket Size at Check Out


You want to maximize your revenue at every possible opportunity, of this, I have no doubt. This means up-selling where you can. With the Shopify App, In Cart Upsell, you can do exactly this.

It shows Non-invasive discounts to shoppers right before check-out. The main goal is to increase basket size and sales for you. The app bases pop-ups on a shopper’s cart and the “bank” of offers you’ve set-up in the back-end.

Social Media

#7 Check Out Hero – Increase Social Media Referrals


As with In Cart UpSell, Check Out Hero, aims to maximize the final stage of the buying process. The difference is that with Check Out Hero, the goal isn’t to increase sales directly on the spot.

Rather Check Out Hero offers an incentive – e.g. a discount – if shoppers share via Facebook or Twitter. The idea is that the social media referrals justify passing a discount on to the shopper.

#8 Add Shoppers Social Share Buttons – What shares are generating sales?


What is the value of a like? The Add Shoppers Social Share buttons close the loop between engagement and sales. You can analyze shares per product, see who’s sharing and which shares are leading to sales. Analytics, ROI tracking, and socials share buttons are all free. There are a remaining 9 in-app-purchases

#9 AddThis – Enable Sharing Across the Web


Used by over 12 million domains worldwide in over 70 languages AddThis is one of the most popular social media sharing tools. This Shopify App allows your visitors to share your content to over 300 hundred social media networks. You’re provided with tools to measure what’s being shared, how it’s being shared and when it’s being shared.

Customer Service

#10 Tidio Chat – Solve Customer Problems and Improve Your Bottom Line


Live chat allows you to please your customer by solving their problems on the spot. No longer do they have to wait in long queues or on the telephone. It speeds up your customer service. Live chat also directly affects your bottom line. According to Nate Johnson of PlasticPrinters.com live chat rakes in an extra $65000 per month for their business.

Tidio Chat is one such live chat app. It’s simple to install and integrates with your pages within seconds. The app is available on IOS, Android, and Desktop meaning you’re always connected to your store to assist customers. A free trial is available, thereafter it’s $12/month.

#11 Help Center – Reduce Customer Services Queries and Drive Traffic


Whilst live chat is one way to help customers, why not consider a FAQ page? The Help Center Shopify App allows you to create an attractive, branded FAQ page. This can reduce support time spent on requests by 30%. It’s also a smart move from an SEO point of view.

By including answers to questions people frequently ask, together with relevant keywords, you’re providing content that solves people’s problems. Content is, after all, your most important aspect of your SEO. In fact, Google prioritizes it. So what are you waiting for? Get building? Creating a FAQ page to not only improve your customer service but drive traffic.


Don’t forget about the Bablic Shopify App which allows you to easily translate your Shopify store. Take advantage of our 14-day free trial, no credit card required!

Bablic Shopify Translation

There we have it, 11 of the best Shopify Apps to help you grow your business. For further apps, be sure to visit the Shopify App Store. What other apps do you use?

15 of The Best 3rd Party Squarespace Integrations

There is often functionality that you wish to add to your Squarespace site. Functionality may include email marketing, social media integration, embedded video to something more complex like payment solutions.

Finding any solution, yet alone the right solution can be a timely and costly exercise. By using 3rd party Squarespace integrations, you’re able to solve such problems. This also improves the functionality of your site end enhances the user experience. Here are 15 of the best Squarespace integrations that will enhance the power of your site.


#1 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


53% of people abandon their mobile visit if a page takes longer than three seconds to load. Research has also found that Mobile sites that load in 5s or less get 2x more mobile revenue. This is where AMP enters the picture. It is an open source project with a focus on optimizing mobile content for reduced load times. This not only enhances the user experience but drives revenue. It’s currently only available for your blog posts.

#2 Disqus


Use Disqus for a more advanced commenting system on your blog compared to that of Squarespace. Disqus supports conversation threads, image comments and other functionality that Squarespace doesn’t currently offer.


#3 Apple Pay


Apply Pay ensures fast and easy checkouts for your customers. Your customers don’t have to manually enter their shipping and billing information. Currently, Apple Pay is only visible to customers who visit your site using Safari on a Mac and iPhone or iPad running the latest IOS. For customers accepting payments via Stripe, it is available via default.

#4 Stripe


Stripe is Squarespace’s official and only merchant processing partner. 13 Currencies are currently supported (including US dollar, Euro, and Pound) on the platform. A host of customizable forms is available. This gives you the ability to handle any kind of payment and create some truly elegant designs. For full details on how to setup, your stripe account clicks here.

#5 FedEx

To simplify your shipping cost calculations and shipping procedures, consider using the FedEx integration. This integration automatically calculates shipping rates based on FedEx rates by package weight, dimensions and shipping address. Make sure the weight and dimensions of all products are accurately labeled.

#6 Xero


Xero is online account software for small businesses. With Xero, you’re able to track your daily sales, run your business on the go and manage your cash flow (amongst other things). It will deliver a summary of the previous day’s transactions directly to your Xero account. This is a paid service, only available with the commerce product and within the United States.


#7 Google Fonts

You have access to Google Fonts within your Squarespace editor. There is a choice of over 600 fonts to customize your site. You are also provided with a popular font selection to save you time.

#8 Typekit


Typekit is a service offered by Adobe. Consider using Typekit if you want no limitations when it comes to your typography. Typekit gives you access to over 1000 high-quality fonts, “anywhere, anytime.” The Squarespace integration also allows you to add your own custom fonts for unique designs.


#9 DropBox

Aside from being a powerful tool to store files, documents, and images in the cloud, DropBox allows you to publish images to your gallery pages on your site.

#10 The Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor

Have a knack for image enhancing and editing? Why not consider using the Adobe Creative Cloud Image Editor. With this Squarespace integration, you have a built-in feature on your site which allows you to adjust the orientation, crop images, add a color filter, change brightness, add text and much, much more.


#11 Mailchimp


For E-mail marketing use the power of MailChimp. Design and send campaigns and e-mail newsletters. Mailchimp is available through your form block, newsletter block (subscribe option) and checkout page. Setup your Mailchimp account first, then connect Squarespace to Mailchimp. It’s free for the first 2000 subscribers and you even get A/B testing on the free option after you’ve sent a certain amount of e-mails.

#12 Google Analytics

This is a great way to track visitors on your website. View the source of traffic -according to a country, social media and device -, the bounce rate, demographics, and several other metrics. You can do all the above by adding a tracking code to the header of your site.

#13 Bablic

According to Bablic:

  • 73% of internet users aren’t browsing in English.
  • 72.1% of users spend the majority of their time on sites in their own language.
  • 56.2% value browsing in their own language over price.
  • 46% say they won’t buy products if they’re not in their local.

No doubt many people have stumbled upon your website, only to leave because they don’t understand the language. Enter Bablic, a cost effective human translation tool that will reduce bounce rate and improve engagement. Translation can be manual or automatic. All you need to do is paste a line of code into your site header. With Bablic you can publish or unpublish as many languages as you like.

#14 Geolify


Geolify allows you to target different web content based on the unique location of your visitors. Geolify provides you with an intuitive dashboard for setup and full control over your geo-targeting services. You don’t need to be a technical whizz and integration occurs via one line of javascript. Price is on a per-page basis, starting at $0.005 per page up to 1000 page views.

# 15 Muut

Muut is the “complete discussion system for your website”. By powering live discussions, you create a sense of community on your website. This increases engagement and improves the likelihood of visitors returning to your website. Create forums, a blog commenting section and even have a private discussion with Muut.

The above Squarespace integrations provide added functionality and power to your Squarespace site. For these and other Squarespace integrations be sure to visit the Squarespace Integrations page.

What integrations do you currently use?

How To Improve Weebly Website Engagement

In a previous post, we highlighted 8 apps that will increase visitors to your Weebly site. Boosting traffic is one thing, but once visitors land on your site you need to engage them. And you need to do so quickly. According to data by Tony Haile of Charbeat, 55% of visitors spend 15s or less on your website. Yes, you heard right, 15s!

Our attention spans have dropped over the past 16 years due to technology. One study revealed that our concentration has plummeted from an average of 12s to 8s. That’s lower than the attention span of a Goldfish (9s)! But it’s not all doom and gloom, you can still engage your visitors. Here are 4 ways to increase engagement.

1. Create a Quality Site Design

First impressions count. Your site needs to look professional and be visually appealing. With the low attention span of visitors, this is even more important. “But how do I create a high-quality site design?”, you may be asking.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Use of color: use two or three primary colors and stick to it. Keep things simple.
  • Create Readable Text: use black or dark gray text on a white background. Make sure the text is large enough to read.
  • Use high-quality images:  Not only is this visually appealing but a sign of professionalism.
  • Use free images if you can’t afford a photographer. This post by Buffer provides 53 free image sources. Make sure you provide the necessary credit where it’s due.


  • Strive for Simplicity: white space is your best friend.
  • Remove clutter so your visitors can engage with your content.
  • Don’t dilute your website with ads. This makes you look like a profit monger; you’re here to solve your client’s problems. Do this and the money will follow.

2. Create High-Value Content

Consider starting a blog. Make sure the content is informative, relevant and actionable. For example, after reading this post you need to know how to improve the engagement on your website.

A few pointers to consider:

  • Show Them How: Avoid fluff e.g. Show someone how they can create an engaging website, don’t tell them why they need to.
  • Understand Your Target Market problems in great detail and find unique solutions to their problems.
  • A unique solution may take the form of an actionable blog post. Read this as an example: “How To Embed Livestream Video On Your Site.”
  • Blog Regularly: maintain a consistent blogging schedule, but not to the detriment of quality.

3. Include Video and Animations

According to a study, 44.1% of web video viewers tune out after 1 minute. The implications of this are clear: your message needs to be short and enticing.

A few pointers:

  1. Write a detailed copy of your message before shooting a video.
  2. Consider your goals e.g. Is this an instructional video? Are you communicating your business vision?
  3. You need adequate lighting. For example, use halogen lamps for indoor shooting. This is a cost-effective alternative to professional lighting.
  4. Use the right hardware. You can find affordable high-tech gear if you shop around. Search for high definition camera like these.
  5. Through planning correctly and investing some money you’ll ensure you craft a video of high quality.
  6. For those of you on a tight budget, give this article a read: “How to Produce High-Quality Videos for Under $1000.”

If you feel video animations are a fit with your brand, consider using PowToon.


PowToon has ready made drag and drop templates. They allow you to create professional animated videos and engaging presentations, quickly and easily.

You can sign-up for free. PowToon provides three instructional videos. They detail the importance of writing your copy and planning your story beforehand. Be sure to watch those videos.

4. Make your website multilingual

How often do you think someone has stumbled upon your site only to leave because they don’t understand the language? I’d say pretty often.  Consider the below statistics which are rather telling:

  • 73% of internet users aren’t browsing in English.
  • 72.1% of users spend the majority of their time on sites in their own language.
  • 56.2% value browsing in their own language over price.
  • 46% say they won’t buy products if they’re not in their local.

These statistics highlight the importance of having a multilingual website for reduced bounce rates and better engagement. In the past translating your website was a large and costly undertaking. With advancements in technology, this is no longer the case. Bablic, for example, is a cost-effective professional human translation tool.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Translate your content: you choose from machine, professional or manual translation.
  2. You’re able to translate the content yourself using Bablic’s manual content editor).
  3. Paste the unique Bablic code into your website’s header.
  4. You don’t require any coding knowledge.
  5. Publish or unpublish the languages of your choice with a simple click of a button. It’s as simple as that!

You can also just use our Weebly app, get it right here.

There’s no doubt we live in an era where our attention spans are a fraction of what they used to be. Technology and the proliferation of online content have contributed immensely to this.

As a small business owner to break through the clutter you need to maintain a high level of quality. This means a professional website design that focuses on high-value content, both written and visual. It means tailoring your site according to the preferences of a global village.

8 Ways Facebook Can Increase Traffic to Your Squarespace Site

When it comes to Social Media Networks, Facebook is still king and it’s unlikely to lose its crown anytime soon. According to Statisa, as of September 2016, Facebook was the first social network to exceed 1 billion registered user accounts. Sitting at a whopping 1.71 Billion active users, Facebook towers over the nearest competitor – WhatsApp (1 billion). It’s no surprise then that Facebook drives more website traffic for businesses than any other social sharing platform. It also reigns supreme in terms of audience reach and engagement.

As a Squarespace website owner, it’s essential then to refine your Facebook marketing efforts to leverage the power of Facebook. Here are 8 ways to use Facebook for increased website traffic.

1. Tweak Your Facebook Page for Websites Clicks

Facebook page optimization is crucial. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stumbled upon a Facebook page – had the desire to find out more about a company – but could not, for the life of me find a link to their website.

Make sure you include your website link where it makes sense! For example, your “About” tab, in product and image descriptions, timeline milestones (if there’s a milestone where you introduced a new product), page posts and even event pages.

Also consider including a call to action button, that takes visitors directly to your site or sign-up page. Squarespace does this perfectly on their Facebook page below:

2016-09-07 (1)

Another option is to include various tabs on your page, such as a blog tab. By adding a blog tab, your blog articles are automatically streamed to your tab page.

2. Make Your Facebook Images Big

Include photos in your posts as research shows that engagement increases by 120%. By including large photos, your engagement will be even higher; meaning more likes, shares, comments, click-throughs and traffic to your site. Here’s a great example from the Squarespace Facebook page:
2016-09-07 (2)

Here are a few guidelines to remember:

  1. Upload images directly via Facebook.
  2. Analyze page insights and metrics to see what’s working and make adjustments
  3. Use a shortened link to keep text clean.
  4. A rule of thumb is to set images to 1200×628.

3. Write Short, Compelling Updates

Concise and witty is what you want. Short and witty updates, typically get the most engagement and traffic to your website. With so many people using smartphones and reading content on the go, short content is also more geared towards the mobile market.

Some guidelines to follow:

  1. Keep updates to one sentence, preferably below the 140 character count for Twitter.
  2. Make your update a summary of your blog article, if that’s what you’re sharing.
  3. Write out several variations of your update and choose the most compelling and enticing one.
  4. Remember your mobile market in terms of text, images & website.

4. Be Creative: Include Questions and Quotes

Aside from concise and compelling updates, consider how else you can tweak your text. Be creative; the options are infinite. For example, use questions and quotes.

Questions invoke interest because they naturally require a response. Again, though, when asking questions, remember point three: make it compelling. Below is a perfect example, from the Bablic Facebook Page:

2016-09-07 (6)

Some tips for asking questions:

  1. Keep them concise.
  2. Use curiosity invoking questions.
  3. Play with different question types e.g. searching for an opinion, trivia etc.

Unlike questions, Quotes are some of the most shared content on Facebook. Here are some tips for using quotes:

  1. Find a quote that summarizes your article.
  2. Combine the quote with an image of the person you’re quoting – creates personalization.
  3. Where applicable use a quote that invokes controversy – creates, even more, engagement, click-throughs, and traffic to your site.

5. Use Video

Through embedding video in your posts, your Facebook fans know what your article is about. And if it’s enticing enough, they will click on it, driving, even more, traffic to your Squarespace site. Also, keep video’s short. The Squarespace video below is 15s! When using video, remember that most people initially have the volume turned off, so adapt your videos to that.

2016-09-07 (4)

A few quick pointers to bear in mind:

1. Keep videos short.
2. Make sure the video is embedded directly on your post for engagement.
3. Consider personalizing it with faces and products.

6. Delete that link!

It’s not necessary to keep the link in your post as the image and summary of your article is clickable. Adding an additional link has been proven to actually lower your reach based on Facebook’s algorithm. Here’s an example:

  1. Make a Facebook update with a link to your content:

2016-09-07 (14)

2. Highlight and delete the link:

2016-09-07 (15)

3. Hit publish, for a clean post:

Take note: The only time you’ll need a link is if you’re using a full-sized image.

7. Share other people’s content

Why on earth would I do that, you may be asking? Yes, on the face of it, it seems rather counter-intuitive, like you’re increasing traffic for your competition. However, this is a superb strategy to increase your traffic. I’ll explain why.

Sharing articles that are relevant to your market and relate to your business, makes your business look more willing to share simply for the benefit of your followers and not only for yourself (improves reputation). Not only do you gain reciprocal fans (increased following), your customers appreciate your informative content (increases your authority) and the businesses whose article you shared will be more likely to return the favor and share your content (improved social media presence and more traffic to your site).

As an example here is a post by Bablic, sharing an article by Entrepreneur:

2016-09-07 (9)

Social media is all about sharing and this applies equally to your business, not just your customers. So share away! But keep these pointers in mind:

  1. Share other content when you feel it’s relevant to your market and can benefit your readers.
  2. Share when it’s from a trustworthy source e.g. if you share stats about a specific industry trend and it’s not from a credible source your credibility can be dented.

8. Use Facebook Advertising

Whilst you can generate traffic without paying a cent, also consider increasing your reach through Facebook advertising. This is increasingly important as organic reach for business pages on Facebook is decreasing. Many businesses have reported this fact. This is not a post about this issue, but feel free to read up on it here if you’re interested.

Facebook ads will allow you to achieve more reach among existing fans, new markets and even target your competition’s followers. You can promote posts, your page, and even your web-site, all of which present opportunities for increased traffic and conversions.

Your target market can be selected via a wide range of metrics such as age, gender, demographics, location and interests. You can target, right down to the niche. And from as little a $5, you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve a return on your investment. Make sure you engage in A/B testing to see what’s working and what’s not.

With the reach Facebook has it’s important to refine your Facebook marketing strategies for increased engagement, social sharing and ultimately increased traffic. There are many ways you can do this as was highlighted above.

Pro tip: When using Facebook ads, translate your Squarespace site using Bablic, you can then target new/other markets and achieve a cheaper cost-per-click compared to English speaking users!

What other techniques do you use?

8 Apps to Boost Weebly Website Traffic

As a growing business, you understand the importance of driving traffic to your website. More website traffic means more leads, opportunities for engagement, social media sharing, and ultimately the chance to convert leads into sales.

Best Weebly Apps

No doubt, you would’ve encountered several articles highlighting a variety of ways to increase traffic. These include – among others – maintaining a consistent blogging schedule, producing highly relevant and targeted content, ensuring social media integration, tweaking your SEO, building links, maintaining a responsive website and monitoring Google Analytics to understand your market in great detail.

Let’s look at 8 Apps that do a combination of the above to help you boost traffic to your Weebly site. All these apps are available in the Weebly App Centre.


2016-09-05 (17)

Not only will Swell boost your website traffic, it will help you build your social media following, create an engaged audience, and drive sales (if you have an online store). In a few simple steps, Swell can create your own custom reward program that’s linked across channels (think social media campaign combined with a follow-up e-mail).

Customers are rewarded for following you on social media, sharing content on Twitter and Facebook, reading a blog post, purchasing from your store, signing up for your email newsletter and more.

Visitors can collect reward points by simply visiting your website. Signing up to use Swell is simple and you’ll also have access to numerous marketing tools. For an example of a website using Swell, visit Babies at the Barre.

Their pricing model is designed for your growing business. You can, at no cost, run up to 10 campaigns. More advanced features are available for a monthly subscription, starting at $49.

Market Goo

2016-09-05 (7)

If you’re not tech savvy or lack SEO experience, Market Goo is perfect for you. This SEO and web marketing tool is simple, yet packs a punch! Follow simple steps and tasks to improve your position in search engines.

With the web marketing tools, you can monitor performance and see how you’re doing in comparison to the competition. You’ll be notified via the smart app when something of importance happens on your site.

You can sign-up with a plan starting at $19.95/month for one website, or an agency plan at $79.80/month for 5 websites.

Site Booster

2016-09-05 (8)

To increase your Weebly website visibility in search engines, use Site Booster. By following a few simple steps, Site Booster ensures your business details are listed – and monitored – in places that matter such as major search engines and leading business directories.

The app also integrates with online maps, review sites, Pinterest and WhatsApp so potential visitors can find your location and more. With a free plan, you’re given two listings and for a mere $6.99/month you get Top-Tier listings.

Better Coupon Box

2016-09-05 (9)

Better Coupon Box drives traffic to your Weebly site by offering visitors a sweet deal. You’re able to create a powerful call to action, in the form of a pop-up Box that offers visitors a discount.

With the ability to integrate seamlessly with social media channels you can also offer discounts and unique codes to customers if they follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Better Coupon Box then, is a great tool to build your fanbase. Effortless integration with e-mail marketing services is also available. Visit Dharma Yoga Wheel to witness this in action. All of the above is free.

Ranking Coach

2016-09-05 (10)

Ranking Coach, is for the business owner with a limited budget, but still requires powerful marketing techniques. Ranking Coach allows you to market online. It’s the app for DIY marketing.

The local directory scanner ensures business listings in all notable business directories. It will help you with SEO, track Google rankings, monitor competitors rankings, and other online metrics. Try it for free for 14 days. Thereafter it’s $14.95/month with an opt-out option.

Welcome Bar

2016-09-05 (11)

As the name suggest, Welcome Bar is a fixed bar/strip, located at the bottom or top of your website, allowing you to “welcome” visitors in a variety of ways. You can add a mail sign-up box, Facebook like button, promotional links or a short promotional message

Additional features include – among others – mobile compatibility, full customization options, ability to post a message and news, Twitter share button, bulk e-mail download and the capability to link to other pages.

All Weebly themes are supported, aside from Stripes and Oasis, with the following notable exceptions: (1) with Clean Lines, only the bottom bar is supported, Lucent, the top bar and Dusk and Unite, the bottom bar in mobile. There is a free plan or a monthly fee of $3.99 for premium features.

PagePart AdVisor

2016-09-05 (13)

With over 1 Billion users on Facebook, Facebook advertising is crucial to building an online presence. PagePart AdVisor helps you place ads and reach your customers on Facebook.

With PagePart Advisor you’re able to run simple, yet targeted ads, directly from your Weebly Dashboard. There are guided prompts and pre-defined templates to assist you in ad creation. Product information is readily available through integration with your Weebly store.

PagePart will deliver the ad following your choice of customer (according to interests, location, and demographics). Following launch, your campaign is tracked to ensure your expectations are met. The pricing plan is fixed, starting at $45/month.


2016-09-05 (14)

Positionly allows you to grow traffic through providing simple SEO tools. The cloud-based software solution takes professional level tracking tools and displays it simply on a user-friendly dashboard.

Features include daily rank tracking, keyword analysis, ability to see who’s linking to your site and competitor observation. You can sign-up for a free 14-day trial, after which plans range from $15-$499 depending on desired features.

Make sure to also check out the Bablic Weebly app in order to easily translate your Weebly website and grow your traffic by catering to new audiences and markets.

These 8 apps are powerful tools to drive increased traffic to your Weebly site.  To download these or see more, be sure to visit the Weebly App Centre.