Why It Makes Sense To Use Bablic To Get Your Shopify Store Translated

Today, website translation is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to widen one’s customer reach. This can very well be observed from the sharp rise in the number of translation service providers all across the globe. Parallel with this rise in the website translation trend, Shopify stores too have become a phenomenon on the internet. And today, one of the highly searched statements on search engines is “How Can I Translate My Shopify Store?

This blog, without highlighting the supreme importance of translating Shopify stores, discusses why one should use Bablic, instead of other website translation services, to get the job done. The blog underlines some of the unique features of Bablic that make it one of the simplest and most effective website translation software.

Here are 4 reasons why it makes perfect sense to get your Shopify store translated through Bablic:

No Costly Affair

At the end of the day, it is the ROI (return on investment) that matters. Unlike other translation software, which are either so costly that they will burn a big hole into your pocket, or so basic that they will only do word-to-word translation, Bablic offers a comprehensive mix of cost-effectiveness and professionalism.

One can start off for as little as $24 a month and add a language to one’s Shopify store. If you think spending $24 is still an excessive risk, Bablic offers a 14-day free trial during which you can add one language for free.

Opportunity To Localize

Many get confused between translation and localization. Localization, in simple terms, can be defined as a process of adjusting the look and feel of a website in such a way that it suits the cultural sensitivities of a specific audience. Hence localization, in addition to the translation of text, also includes altering images and videos, fixing styling issues, switching page direction, and more.

A large number of website translation software only offer translation services; however, with Bablic’s visual editor, one can change images, manually edit translated text, replace videos, switch page direction, fix styling and CSS issues etc.

Simple & Fun

One of the primary reasons why Bablic has struck the right chord with users is because of its simplicity. Unlike other software, integrating one’s website with Bablic is a cakewalk. One needs no programming or complex coding and all one requires to do is paste a one-line code onto the website, and you are done.

Works on Every CMS

One of the most remarkable benefits of using Bablic is that it is compatible with all the different kinds of CMSs (content management systems) available. So, whether it is Shopify or WordPress, Drupal or SqaureSpace, with Bablic, you can translate everything without any hassle.

To sum it all up, Bablic is one of the simplest and the most cost-effective ways to translate a Shopify store. The large number of clients it has developed over the span of a few years testifies its superior service.

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