Bablic is Hiring – VP Customer Acquisition

The Job

We are looking for a Customer Acquisition expert that will join us and help us bring our product to the world. You will lead all our online acquisition efforts; manage SEM, display, referral marketing and direct marketing campaigns.

You will report directly to the CEO and will be responsible for reporting the bottom line (P&L) for paid advertising initiatives

We are looking for someone who has done this before – and has done it well; someone with a proven track record of fast-growth customer acquisition, regardless of the organization. Someone who is passionate about doing something innovative and seeing it grow very fast. A true marketing leader.

For sure you…

  • Have experience in data-driven customer origination marketing
  • Have a proven track record of success running origination marketing campaigns
  • Are an expert with frameworks for managing A/B testing and landing page optimization campaigns
  • Can develop and implement a multi-faceted online acquisition strategy that explores opportunities in segmentation and cohort analysis
  • Can define and own key metrics around acquisition and lifetime value of consumers
  • Will drive conversions through the product funnel and will routinely ask yourself: “how can we make this better?”
  • Are a team player. If there are problems, inconsistencies or underperformance you will report and discuss this promptly and openly. We like challenges and opportunities to learn from mistakes.
  • Can interact with the rest of the team to develop product and features, and to help us meet customer acquisition goals.

You probably…

  • Have exceptional analytical and quantitative skills
  • Are well organized and able to set and follow a precise methodology
  • Are ambitious. You like challenges and enjoy overcoming obstacles, and you are not afraid of failing a few times.
  • Like to work in an informal setting, where you are given a lot of freedom to be creative and think outside the box,
  • Think that creativity is important but at the end of the day the goals should be clear and numbers and results speak the loudest.

Who we are:

Bablic is a SaaS solution for SMBs and SMEs that completely automates the website localization process. We are able to turn mono-lingual websites into multi-lingual (using professional human translation) by simply pasting a code snippet in the site. This significantly reduces execution times and costs for businesses. Bablic works with any website and requires no programming, no project management and no alteration to the website’s existing CMS system.

We are located in Tel Aviv and our users LOVE our product. Contact us for more information or send us your CV at [email protected]. Please include “VPCA001” in the subject.